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3 Steps to Improve Your Health Now

By Paul J.O'Brien
B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. M.A.F.P.A., M.C.Th.A.

City Channel Viewers Welcome! I just wanted to extend a personal welcome to the site and perhaps explain a little more about what I can do for you. I want to share with you 3 STEPS to improving your health now that you’ve seen the feature on city channel –

Step 1

Download your FREE guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – HERE. This guide will introduce to the amazing and fantastic health system that is TCM. It's packed with useful advice, case studies and more that you can use to lead a more balanced healthy life, starting now.

Step 2

Call my clinic today for a free consultation with me, valued at €140. This is an opportunity to sit down with me and ask any questions you may have about acupuncture, Traditional Chinese medicine and the other treatments I provide.

Perhaps you have questions and concerns over a particular health issue and need advice or are just generally curious about this wonderful healing art. Whatever it is your welcome to sit down and chat with me about it, and see if acupuncture is right for you. As a City Channel viewer you get this consultation absolutely free with no further obligation.

You can call me directly on 087 901 9627 to arrange an appointment. Or alternatively contact me via the website - here.

Or for those of you interested in losing weight with my unique and result achieving system can find more about that here – you can download case studies, read the REAL RESULTS of my patients, see before and after pictures including me (yep – I don’t just sit there and talk about this – I do it every day myself, I was once 190lbs at 25% body fat with a 41" waist and in 6 weeks was at 11% body fat with a 31" waist, so I can guide you through the process with firsthand experience).

Click here to download a complete guide to my Perfect Body, Perfect Health Weight Loss Program Prep Pack

Finally, as part of my special offer for City Channel Viewers


on this program when you mention City Channel.

Again, you can call me directly on 087 901 9627 to arrange an appointment. Or alternatively contact me via the website - here.

Step 3

Explore this site – it’s filled with articles on a number of health conditions and extensive advice on how you can treat many conditions yourself, particularly in my specialties of Weight Loss, Fertility, Pregnancy, and Sports/Spinal Injuries. You can find a full list of all the articles on my site here – and remember if you have a particular question that isn’t covered in one of my articles, call or email me and let me know.

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Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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087 901 9627

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  • Start a Family and Get Pregnant Naturally
  • Enjoy a Perfect Pregnancy
  • Resolve Muscular Aches and Pains
  • Ease Stress, Depression and Anxiety
  • Lose Weight,get in great shape
  • and much more....

Read Some of My Patient Success Stories Here

The Meridian Acupuncture Clinic can be YOUR Pathway to Health.

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And You too can Enjoy the Numerous Benefits of TCM

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