Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis

Clearing the Dampness that Depresses Movement and Nervous Control

By Paul J.O’Brien
B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Dip. OBB Adv., Dip. CPM, Cert Clin. Med. M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis Treatments are giving hope to thousands of people suffering from this condition. Beyond that, it is among the most gratifying things to treat for me as a practitioner because I have seen firsthand what a remarkable impact it can have on someone’s life. In some cases I have been privileged to be involved in it has lead to complete remission and the suppression of the symptoms associated with this condition.

In this article, I’ll explain a little more about MS from a western and eastern point of view and share with you how Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis treatments work and my own approach to tackling this condition. Over 6,000 men and women are currently diagnosed with MS according to MS Ireland, the only national organization dedicated specifically to awareness of this condition.

Although it has been recognized and classified by Western Medicine for the last one and a half century’s (also known during that times as “disseminated sclerosis”), the cause for MS remains unknown despite the considerable research that has been conducted. Therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine have recognized the symptoms and effects of this condition on the body and outlined effective theories on its development and effective methods of treatment.

Before we look at that in detail, let’s take a look at the medical facts. Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic condition that damages the central nervous system of the brain and spinal cord. The protective sheath that covers the nerve fibers, a fatty substance called myelin, becomes scarred. This prevents the smooth flow of messages, transmitted down the nerves by electrical impulses, from the brain to the body and back.

The Signs and Symptoms

As a result MS sufferers present with a variety of symptoms that range from person to person both in number and in severity. The major effects MS has on a person involve changes in physical sensation, muscle weakness, abnormal muscle spasms or shaking. They also experience difficulty in moving, coordination and balance. Problems with speech, swallowing and site may also occur and fatigue and some pain is nearly always present.

Luckily MS isn’t a fatal condition and many diagnosed with it can lead long lives without any noticeable symptoms. This is called Benign MS as opposed to Relapsing MS, where the attacks and symptoms reappear after a number of years absent.

Conventional Treatment

While there is no known cure for MS, western medicine spearheads many useful conventional treatments, the primary goal of which is to quickly return function after an attack, preventing new attacks, and of course preventing disability. Unfortunately, as with many medical treatments, the medication used in the management of MS can have several adverse side effects. As such many patients are turning to alternative medicine such as Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis treatments, and new therapies that are producing excellent results without the unpleasant side effects of medication.

Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis

The TCM veiw

Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis treatments work extremely effectively. The ancient art of Chinese Medicine has been treating the symptoms of MS for thousands of years. And conventional testing is showing just how effective this therapy is. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Rehabilitation, in March of this year, conducted by Clare P. Donnellan and Jackie Shanley, showed that MS patients receiving acupuncture demonstrated statistically significant greater improvement in the Multiple Sclerosis Impact Scale, further detailing that Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis treatments are a safe and effective procedure with none of the complications and side effects of conventional medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine would view MS as a result of organ imbalances, most likely that of the Stomach and the Spleen. This results in food and moisture becoming stagnant in the body giving rise to “Dampness”, the TCM equivalent of suppressed neurological function, characterized by a heaviness and increasing lack of response in the muscles, depression and low energy levels.

Relieving and treating MS thus focuses on removing Dampness from the body and ensuring that the Stomach and Spleen are re-balanced. This is achieved by stimulating the energy lines associated with the organs using tiny hair thin needles. From a western point of view, this increases neurological sensation along key nerves in the body and increases blood flow to the organs.

In combination with a Chinese medical diet activities such as Yoga that support the stomach and spleen and resolves this internal dampness, the symptoms of MS can effectively be reduced with Acupuncture and Multiple Sclerosis treatments and in many cases eliminated altogether, with many patients seeing an increase in neuro-muscular strength, reduction of headaches, vertigo, dizziness, nausea and vision problems… and many more symptoms associated with MS.

If you have been diagnoised with MS and are concerned with any of the symptoms above I strongly encourage you to consider Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis treatments, to reduce and even eliminate many of the problems you experience.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis treatments protocols that I use or wish to start a course of treatment then please feel free to contact me or make an appointment where we can discuss any specific concerns or questions you may have.

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