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The Meridian Acupuncture Clinic offers the following treatment methods:

You can click on each of these methods above to learn about these treatments and what they can do for you. Alternatively I have a provided a brief summary of each below.

Traditonal Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the ancient healing art at the core of what I do. It is a 5,000 year old system of medicine that is designed to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, from acne to ulcerative colitis. It is a complete system of medicine offering treatment using methods such as herbs, acupuncture, medical massage and more. You can learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine – here.

8 Principle and 5 Elements Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the physical methods of TCM uses to affect change in the body, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Acupuncture is a refined medical system that involves taking tiny, hair thin needles and inserting them into special therapeutic points of the body. It is a painless, deeply relaxing and powerful healing system. You can learn more about what acupuncture can do for you - here

Oriental Body Balance

Oriental Body Balancing is a comprehensive and advanced system of treatment that fuses both Eastern & Western Medicine, thus enabling us to offer the very best advice and treatment to resolve any complaint on an individual basis. You can learn more about how OBB works and what it can do for you - here


Sore aching muscles, tight knotted tissue, or just in need of some deep relaxation? If so Tuina will help you tune into your body, relax and rebalance, and unwind tight muscles and leave rejuvenated and refreshed. Tuina is a therapeutic Chinese medical massage. It uses acupressure to open up the body’s energy systems, it restores structural balance, invigorates the body and relaxes mind and muscles.

Very useful in sports injuries, muscular pain, and many more conditions. You can learn more about how Tuina works and what it can do for you - here

Cupping Therapy

Suffering from Back Pain, Sciatica, or muscular pain and spasms, or perhaps a cosmetic complaint such as cellulite? If so then this is the treatment may be answer you are looking for. Cupping Therapy is another tool of TCM, and involves the using warm suction glass jars on an oiled body as a therapeutic massage system and is designed to treat a wide range of physical problems from pain and muscle spasms to cellulite, colds and flu. You can learn more about how Cupping Therapy works and what it can do for you - here

Moxibustion Therapy

Pain, digestive disorders and painful arthritis, infertility and more can all be treated with this gentle warming treatment. Moxibustion involves burning an herb called mugwort or “moxa” directly on or above acupuncture points. Moxa can be used in a number of ways to produce a profound relaxing heat.

It can be hovered above the point to provide a light stimulation or piled on small cones or threads above a point on a slice of ginger to create a stronger heating effect. You can learn more about how Moxa Therapy works and what it can do for you – here

Nutritional counseling and supplementation

Ever wondered why certain foods make you feel happy and energetic yet others foods leave you drowsy and dull? Did you ever just crave chocolate only to find yourself apathetic and depressed, or perhaps you craving salty foods but just don’t have the motivation to do anything after?

Well if you’ve ever truly wanted to understand carvings and learn how to maximize your body’s help through simple food choices this is the therapy that could help you. In Chinese Medicine diet has a profound effect on the body. Some foods heal and strengthen our bodies, others weaken and compound illness. You can learn more about food may be affecting your health and what you can do – here

Guided Stress Reduction Techniques

Sick of being stressed and suffering from anxiety for no reason? Tired from the constant state of nervousness, or perhaps just too plain tired to think. Irrational fears and internal anger making your stomach knotted? If you suffer from stress be it physical or mental these simple techniques will free your mind and erase deeply imbedded trauma, allowing you to approach life from an energetic and stress free perspective.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool for making us both ill, and for making us healthy. By changing certain words we often use we can completely change our mindset and view point, and this in turn affects our physical health. You can learn more about this powerful tool - here

Amno Fu – Deep Tissue Abdominal and Organ Massage

If you’ve ever felt bloated and uncomfortable, had problems with digestion and suffered from constipation or diarrhea, or easily put on excess weight, then this is the treatment option for you.

Anmo fu is a traditional oil based massage system that just focuses on the abdomen. While deeply enjoyable and relaxing, its aim is to release all the twists and torsions in the bowels while balancing the internal organs, clearing trapped gases, blockages and releasing waste products. It is also particularly useful in resolving bad PMS or menstrual cramping and fertility disorders. You can learn more about this gentle relaxing and powerful treatment – here

Food Intolerance Testing

Do you find yourself frequently bloated, tired after eating or suffering from a sensitive stomach? Do certain foods sap you of your strength and energy, others perhaps causes reflux or heart burn? Have you noticed that eating certain things has a negative effect on your overall health? If so then perhaps you’d like to know exactly what it is that causes these imbalances and what you can do to avoid them. This is where Food intolerance testing may be helpful.

An often overlooked factor in many chronic persistent health problems is that they can be a result of an excessive sensitivity to everyday foods, additives, pollens etc. Unfortunately this can go unrecognized for years leading to needles discomfort and suffering. You can learn more about how food t=intolerance testing could change your life – here.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Do you suffer from frequent colds and flu’s? Constant stiff and aching muscles? Or do you play a lot of sports or lift weights? If so it’s likely you have blockages in the lymphatic system which can weaken your immune system and leave you feeling fatigued and sore. The Lymphatic System is similar to a sewage system in the human body.

It is a semi closed system, meaning that is only opens and flows in one direction. Lymphatic fluid circulates in and through several organs, and structures containing lymphatic vessels, including red bone marrow. Learn how lymphatic massage could release you from toxic build up – here.

Spinal Diagnosis and Repair

Pain, digestive problems, fertility issues, weight gain, fluid retention stress and more can often be traced to a physical misalignment of the spine. There are few things worse than a bad back, and spinal problems can cause a myriad of seemingly unrelated problems, from nerve pain and tingling in the limbs, to reflux and digestive disorders.

Your spine is the central column supporting your whole body’s health. Each organ is regulated and controlled by the nerves between your vertebrae and the slightest pressure pinching on one of those nerves can be chronically problematic. Learn how I can banish your bad back for good – here.

Dynamic Limb re-patterning

Back ache, shoulder and neck pain, can be the bane of our life, and many physical and mental emotional dysfunctions can be caused by subtle misalignments of the spinal vertebrae.One of the fastest and most effective methods of correcting these spinal problems is with Dynamic Limb Re-patterning.

Dynamic Re-Patterning is used to treat clients who are suffering from subtle compromised movements within the actual mechanical structure of the body. Learn more about how this treatment can release you from pain and illness – here.

Chi-Qung Releases and Therapy

Suffering from pain or discomfort? Recovering from broken bones or injury? Chi Gung therapy utilizes the body’s own energy to produce dramatic and exciting changes in the structure and function of the body and could be the key to restoring you to full health and enjoying a profound sense of energy and well being. You can learn more about this powerful healing method – here.

Sacro-cranial Balancing

Headaches, eye strain, problems with the neck and spine, leading to digestive and organ dysfunction plague many people. Tightness and compression of the bones of the head can lead to deep seated and serious mental and emotional problems. Furthermore even slight misalignment or compression can create serious neurological dysfunctions. Luckily such conditions can be easily and effectively treated using cranial-sacral balancing. Find out how – here.

Specialized 16 Wk Weight Loss Program

Excess weight and weight loss are concerns for many people today, and in the Chinese Medical system this is seen as a serious disease state. In Traditional Chinese medicine dysfunctions of the Stomach and Spleen can lead to various food cravings, Dampness which is the TCM equivalent of excess weight and flesh, and contrary to popular opinion cold foods and drinks, salads etc actually create more dampness and further undermine the Stomach and Spleen’s ability to process food and fluid.

I have devised a specialized and detailed program that totally transforms the body on a cellular level and ensures that you never have to worry about weight again. Download my free weight loss preparation pack, Perfect Body, Perfect Health Weight Loss Program Prep Pack - here

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