Are You Worried About Why You Haven't Fallen Pregnant Yet?

Are You Attempting IVF, IUI and doing everything possible to improve that result?

Are you dealing with complications such as PCOS, Low Ovarian Reserve, Low AMH and High FSH, Thyroid issues, Recurrent Miscarriage or Unexplained Infertility?

Or Are You On A Solo IVF Journey?

If so, I can help.

By Paul J.O'Brien
B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. Med., Pn1, PN-SSR, PN-NCA, M.T.C.M.C.I., M.C.Th.A.

It is terribly stressful trying to fall pregnant, doing everything right and yet still seeing a lack of results. This has been made so much worse for so many couples as fertility treatments were cancelled by every fertility clinic in the country due to the outbreak. Many couples feel they have lost months, when there was already no time to lose. There is an overwhelming sense of desperation and yearning to see that smiling face, first on a pregnancy test and then, hopefully one day, on the face of your own baby and this delay hasn't helped.

I'm sure you've noticed, as I have over the years, that some women seem to just magically fall pregnant, while others who long and yearn for a child have great trouble in conceiving. And if you've had difficulty falling pregnant, I may be able to help you.

I Help Couples Get Pregnant


My name is Paul J.O'Brien and I am one of Ireland's leading experts in Traditional Oriental Medicine, specialising in the field of natural reproductive health and fertility. My articles, advice and successes have been featured in the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Evening Herald, Irish Examiner and more.

I am proud to hold the highest live birth success rate in Ireland, (as of writing 83% of my patients starting treatment in 2023 are pregnant, 7% currently pregnant, with 76% having already given birth - including 2 new babies born just before Christmas!), using all natural methods in my South Dublin clinic.

For a very short time, I have the space to take on new cases in my practice.

In this latest series I’ve helped couples with:

  • Poor Sperm factors (low motility, morphology and count)
  • Low AMH
  • Repeated miscarriage
  • PCOS
  • Repeated IVF Failures

All are now pregnant.

I’ve helped over 230 couples and several solo IVF journey's with a variety of other problems get pregnant and have happy, healthy babies. This includes conditions like:

Fertility Conditions

Worse still I have seen many women who are told simply that they have unexplained infertility.

Now, this is never true.

With so much social pressure as friends and family fall pregnant all around, it can be devastating to have been given such a diagnosis, and hear what should be good news from friends and family, leaving not joy but feelings of bitterness and angry. But....

...you are not broken.

In the hundreds of cases that I have treated and in the hundreds I've been referred to over the years, I have never yet seen a case that cannot be fully and accurately diagnosed and explained.

Fertility Testimonials 1

Would you like me to show you how some women fall pregnant so easily, and how you can do the same?

What I'm offering you is a FREE consultation. Through the consultation, what I will do is go through your complete medical history. I want to learn about your reproductive health. I want to talk to you about your medication and nutrition, any treatments that you might be undergoing, like IUI, IVF, or more. We'll look at your current work-life balance, we'll look at stress points within your life and other factors that can cause delays and problems with conception...for example:

  • Studies have shown that particular forms of stress reduce conception rates by up to 93%
  • A common daily beverage (not alcohol) can cause a 70% increase in estrogen, linked to endometriosis and other reproductive health issues, including infertility and delay conception in 12 month period by over 55% in women.
  • A man eating just one slice of this common food a day (and men rarely stop at just one of this delicious food), could see their sperm deformed by up to 30%. I've yet to meet a single male patient that knew this fact.

These little details, the aspects of our daily life contribute hugely to our reproductive health and possible damage to it. And the chances are that you don't know about these silent saboteurs in your food and lifestyle that can have a massive impact on your fertility health.

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Increase the odds of a live birth by 91%!

I will identify why you may not have been able to conceive as expected and identify the imbalances that have been preventing conception, and I can show you exactly what steps you need to take in order to address these issues.

I will explain your entire diagnosis; I will talk you through some of the physical therapies and action steps that you can take. I will talk to you about neurology and blood work that can be done and explain what nutrition might be useful in helping to get the right nutrients and enzymes necessary for reproduction in your specific case, we'll do this and so much more.

I will give you a clear cut, no nonsense answer as to why you haven’t been able to conceive. I will outline a personalised treatment plan for you and the steps you can take immediately to get you in the best health possible and ready to have a baby so you don’t waste time.

These are time tested and proven methods, shown to Increase the odds of a live birth by 91% (Manheimer E et al. BMJ 2008;336 pg 545-549 British Medical Journal) and Increase Natural Fertility by up to 70% (Westergaard L et al, Fertil Steril 2006 Vol 85, pg 1341-1346 Fertility and Sterility) and much more.

Now, I offer this service because I'm a specialist in reproductive health, and this is an area of great personal interest to me, and I achieve successful pregnancies where other methods have failed, using a unique combination of tradition East Asian medicine and Western clinical medicine. And there's a very good possibility that I might be interested in helping you conceive considering the demand in my field.

So if you find value in the advice that I'm going to give you, you might want me to assist you and your partner in helping you get pregnant. Now, there is no cost to this and no obligation of any kind for these consultations. With all of that said, please understand I am not offering a sales pitch in disguise or anything of that nature.

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Let Me Help You Have the Family You Want

Now, before you go any further, I want you to wait a minute. It is important that you understand that I cannot help everybody. On June 16th 2016 I closed my clinic to accepting new cases - I had too many patients, too many pregnancies to maintain, that I simply could not accommodate new patients. The last time I opened the clinic to new , non-referred patients was in June 2020.

I have helped those patients, conceive, guided them through pregnancy and helped them have happy healthy babies and can now take on a limited number of new cases in Jan 2024, but there are only so many hours in the week outside of my current patients, so I am limiting the amount of free consultations to 5 (a 1 hr consultation usually costs €175) .

Once the first 5 places are filled, I will re-open my waiting list, and I will get to you. But it's going to be on a first come, first served basis. And please also keep in mind that I can only be of benefit to people that are willing to follow my advice, that will apply the techniques that I will teach them, are open to making impactful and lasting changes to their reproductive health, and most importantly have a happy, healthy, and secure environment into which to bring a child.

Request Your Fertility Consultaton

If you want to schedule a planning and consultation session with me, simply fill out the form below. You'll see a form just down here with a few questions about your health history that I'd like you to fill out in as much detail as you can, and give me an idea of what you hope to accomplish.

Once you submit that information, I will review your case, and arrange a time with you for your consultation. I greatly look forward to meeting with you, to speaking with you, and hopefully to help you achieve the family that you want.

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