Acupuncture and History

The Beginning of Thousands of Years of Medical History

By Paul J.O’Brien
B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Cert Clin. Med. M.T.C.M.C.I., M.C.Th.A.

Acupuncture and History is a fascinating subject, and one that receives little attention, save for a few passing references in advertising literature. Many brochures, ads and articles site acupuncture as being over 2,000 years old. Others say 3,000, some 5,000 years old and some even longer. So what’s is the most accurate date? And why all the inconsistencies in regards to Acupuncture and History?

In this section of the Meridian Acupuncture Clinic Official Website I’ll be presenting a series of articles discussing Acupuncture and History and the popular beliefs and concepts related to it. But why is this important? I believe that any patient should have the right to fully research and understand any system of medicine – be it from a Western or Eastern perspective, after all it’s your body and your health and that is vitally important.

Many of the concepts and idea’s I discuss in the Treatment Conditions section of the website will be new to many of you, some will seem strange and some will be natural and intuitive common sense. In the beginning these ideas and concepts can be hard to grasp and make sense of. Through an explanation of Acupuncture and History I hope to place many of these new thoughts in an understandable context, to illustrate the evolution and development of this system of medicine.

Each of the following articles will lead you through some of the facts and many of the theories surrounding the history of acupuncture and it’s origins as well as take you through a broader look at the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Acupuncture a Brief History – The Basic Timetable of Events
  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine – The Foundations of Acupuncture
  • History of Acupuncture – A detailed Look into the Past of Eastern Healing
  • Origin of Acupuncture – Lost in the Mist’s of Time, a Theory
  • Who Invented Acupuncture – Ancient Masters Revisited
  • Ancient Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture – TCM and its Influence on Needling
  • Acupuncture Meridians Discovered – Modern Marvels of Medicine Revealing Ancient Knowledge
  • Theory of Acupuncture – A Detailed Look at the Underlying Concepts of Acupuncture
  • China’s Acupuncture History – How Ancient Knowledge was Nearly Lost to Progress
  • Benefits of Acupuncture – An Outline of the Many Incredible Effects Acupuncture can Have on the Human Body
  • Acupuncture Results – A Fascinating Overview of the Medically Established and Scientifically Tested Results of Acupuncture

Simply click on any of the above articles to learn about Acupuncture and History. Each article can be read alone or in the narrative sequence above. I’ve tried to keep technical jargon to a minimum and explained in detail terms that may be unfamiliar to those who have not studied TCM. Unlike many of the scientific papers and academic articles that are produced, I have endeavored to ensure each of these articles is easy to read, informative and interesting for both the general public and scholars alike.

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