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From Paul J.O'Brien
B.A., N.C.E.H.S., Dip. Acu., Adv. Dip. OBB, Cert Clin. Med. M.AFPA, M.ETCMA, M.C.Th.A.

Acu Downloads and Exclusive Subscriber Content just for you. I really appreciate that you subscribed to my newsletter Straight to the Point. . You'll soon see from the first issue you receive why it is one of the most highly subscribed East Asian health newsletters online today. It's filled with great tips and treats, some personal advice from me, answers to readers questions, and lots more besides. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

On this page however is my big THANK YOU to you. Right here, on this private page is where you'll be able to access my free e-book guides - the Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine -The Secrets of an Energetic and Abundant Life, and my Cold and Flu's guide.

All of that's below and I'll be updating this page with more exclusive content, specials, promo's and more so keep your subscription current!

Before I sign off and let you get to the Acu Downloads and Exclusive Subscriber Content and other goodies I just want to let you about another way of keeping in touch and keeping up to date with the new articles, exercise, diet and lifestyle advice -

The Official Meridian Acupuncture Facebook Fan Page!

The Official Meridian Acupuncture Facebook Fan Page is where we build a closer health community, share fitness and health tips and more. Already it's doing quite well, with examples of my lifestyle, workouts, diet and more up, along with great interaction with other health enthusiasts. In addition it features the up to the minute updates on articles, new publications and more.

The BIG NEWS is that I'm using the Facebook fan page to give people heads up on new articles, and upcoming clinic Specials and COMPETITIONS! If you want to get the up to date news, and first shot at the very exciting comps I have lined up get on over to Facebook and become a fan now -

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Free TCM Ebooks

The Secrets of An Energetic and Abundant Life

Within the pages of this free guide you will learn about a fascinating ancient treatment method called Chinese Medicine. This is a proven ancient form of healthcare has been practiced for thousands of years and has helped literally billions of people, and it could help you. My goal in offering you this information is to:

  • Provide you with a clear overview of this incredible healing system
  • Create a sense of empowerment in you from showing you that there are indeed natural solutions to your current health problems
  • Finally I’d like to encourage you to be proactive about your health and treat it as a top priority for the rest of your life and enjoy the health and energy that comes with it.

Having suffered from chronic health problems myself I know firsthand how frustrating and challenging it can be to struggle with chronic health issues. But the good news is there are simple solutions. There are answers.

The information contained in these pages can be your blueprint for a new way of understanding your body and mind, and a roadmap to a new energetic and illness free life.

You can download your free copy of my guide below.


Surviving Swine Flu - A Guide to Treating Colds and Flu's

While focusing on Swine Flu this in depth book teaches you about the TCM understanding of all colds and Flu's. Better still it teaches you how to treat your friends and family using simple pressure point techniques and easy to make tea's.

In this guide you'll learn...

  • What this Flu actually is – and no it’s NOT SWINE FLU
  • Why Tamiflu is being prescribed
  • What the horrible side effects are and if you should take it
  • How you can become infected and how to prevent it
  • What Ancient 5,000 year old system can prevent you getting sick
  • A formula for a simple tea that has been proven to reduce the risks of catching the flu
  • What to do is you are already sick to naturally and without expense relieve your symptoms

You can download your free copy of my guide below.


The Perfect Body Health Preparation Pack - The Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Here at the Meridian Acupuncture Clinic, I have devised and designed a unique program, truly unlike anything else in the world. The results are nothing short of breath taking. I’ve experienced them first hand. But let me give you some more examples –

In Just 1 Week one participant

  • LOST 8lbs of FAT
  • LOST 3.5% body fat
  • LOST 2.5 inches off his waist.

In 4 weeks one participant

  • LOST 6% Body Fat
  • LOST over 16lbs of FAT – not weight – PURE FAT.
  • LOST over 6 inches off his waist!

In 8 Weeks One patient…

  • LOST 21.5 lbs of FAT – not weight – PURE FAT.
  • LOST 13.2% Body Fat
  • LOST over 9 inches off her waist!

Compared to other leading weight loss programs that produce about 0.5% Body Fat loss at best per week, my program is over 3 times faster. Not only that, but my clients spend less that 20 MINUTES a week training. Acupuncture for Weight Loss works, and it works over 3 times faster than any other system out there.

Let me explain the unique approach of the Perfect Body, Perfect Health Weight Loss Program and how Acupuncture for Weight Loss Works. The amazing results achieved using a number of different, yet vital tools, to totally assess and correct your health.

1. Acupuncture for Weight Loss and Traditional Chinese Medicine - used to speed up your metabolism, release and balance digestive enzymes, correct the function of your stomach and spleen, resolve water retention and reduce cravings and appetite.

2. Chinese Dietary Therapy – used to eliminate foods that imbalance your organs and to increase foods that fire up your digestive function.

3. Structural Realignment – resolves any problems in the spine and hip which may lead to prolapsed and poor functioning organs, thus ensuring your body is balanced and able to function correctly.

4. Amno Fu – A Japanese Massage technique that directly treats digestive problems, including fat storage.

5. Food Intolerance Testing – Used to determine which foods you can process and which foods instantly get converted to fat in your system.

6. Western Nutrition – a ground up reeducation of what food does, how it works and why. You’ll learn how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, how to shop, cook and prepare for any possibility. You’re knowledge of nutrition and how to manipulate food to get any body you want is covered.

7. My Unique cutting edge fitness and training program. Rebuilding your body’s energy systems at a cellular level to train your body to burn fat and build muscle with just minutes of training a week.

You can learn more about each of these elements in detail in my free guide The Perfect Body, Perfect Health Weight Loss Program downloadable here

Exclusive TCM food guides

Spezzatino Food Magazine – Spezzatino is the food magazine that really feeds people. It’s an ongoing encyclopedia of food, carefully built, one volume at a time. Spezzatino is page after page of thoroughly researched, superbly written and beautifully photographed pieces on every aspect of a single food: its history, cultural significance, cultivation and nutritive value.

I’m privileged to contribute to this great magazine with a series of articles on how different foods can treat common complaints in the Chinese Medical system. Fun and informative, you’ll learn things like why coffee works to relieve stress, why chocolate in a magical elixir and basil can prevent colds and flu’s. Spezzatino has kindly let me share my articles with you free of charge.

You can download each in PDF format below.

Basil - The King of Herbs.

Coffee - The Magical Bean of Dancing Goats.

Pork - Moisten Your Internal Dessert.

Garlic - Take 2 Cloves and Call Me in the Morning.

Chocolate - The Best Tasting Medicine in the World.

Rice - The First Treatment.

Ready to get started? Great. Call my clinic at 087 901 9627 so we can discuss your needs and set up the first appointment.

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