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Stay Healthy this Halloween!

Halloween is my favourite holiday, full of costumes, (I get to wear my Batsuit all day) and junk food. And while it can be great fun for the kids and the parents, the preparations for Halloween can be stressful. Organising costumes, parties and planning spooky fun surprise’s can be exhausting on top of an already hectic schedule. And the natural exuberance of children’s excitement can cause additional stress that we don’t need in the run up to the school breaks.

Traditionally in many old societies, Halloween is also a time for reflection and honouring those who have passed on. And while it’s certainly a fun holiday, there perhaps should also be some time taken to look back and thank those that got you here.

Both of these aspects of the coming holiday can have a big impact on your health. From a TCM point of the view the stress can affect the function of the Liver and, as such, cause an increase in headaches, muscular tension, vision problems, fatigue and more.

Meanwhile the reflective element of the season can leave our Lungs vulnerable in TCM and make us open to catching colds and flu’s due to a compromised immune system. This doesn’t help with the penchant for unusual clothing choices and the usual very bad weather. It will be cold and often wet around the festivities and scarves don’t look great on the average Halloween costume (unless you’re dressed as Harry Potter / Hermione Grainger), leading to many catching the latest bug.

Finally, the increase in sugar over that one awesome day can create big problems for the stomach and spleen – meaning kids may not only feel a bit queasy, but likely will have lower energy (after the sugar spike), poor memory and concentration and tendency to be a bit sad after the fun has worn off.

You can pre-empt many of this by stopping in for a quick Liver/Lung Acupuncture top up, (You can call my office today on 087 901 9627 and book yourself in). and of course making some small additions at home to your regular diet.

Increasing the intake of warm pears with a little honey and enjoying some licorice can boost your Lungs.

Apple sauce with cinnamon is delicious and can help soothe the stress and ease the liver based headaches and muscle aches. Finally, make sure the kids in the house are well warmed on spleen and stomach strengthening foods like warm soups and stews, roasted squash and sweet tasty snacks like Mandarin Oranges.

Hope that helps.

Yours in health,

Paul J.O'Brien

P.S. Remember all this month I am making some special time in my schedule to do quick immune boost sessions for my previous patients. If you want a quick immune boost or stress buster session just call my office on 087 901 9627 and I’ll make time to get you in.

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